Fur Free Alliance Poster

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Poster for Fur Free Alliance: poster and tagline (c) rachel tonner http://infurmation.com/ m

A New Symbol for Europe, Winner!

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The current European flag with its twelve identical yellow stars placed in a circle on a blue field, was designed in 1955.  Since then Europe has changed. Design Den Haag Foundation asked designers to submit their ideas for a new symbol for Europe. Here are my submissions. Current EU Flag: Submission 1: Using the original […]

What is Home?

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My submission to the New Acton Nishi, What is Home? Competition. The idea of home to me is as fluid as you are. Our home is the imprint we make on our surroundings whether it be a painting on the wall, wallpaper. Everything is an extension of self. With that in mind I created a […]

Frolic in Florence

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At REX cafe, Florence, Italy.